** NOTE: Sale of boxes will be suspended until after June 5th, 2021. I need to keep a good inventory on-hand for an upcoming art fair :)  **

How It Began

This all started by accident. I saw a video on YouTube about making coasters from sliced up branches. I found some branches in the yard and went to work. As it turns out, the wood was 'spalted', which means that unique patterns had developed in the wood, as a result of fungus growth. The more I learned about other types of patterned wood, the more my fascination grew. I had some left-over spalted pieces and decided to make a box. And so the obsession began...

All About the Boxes

Most of the boxes I make are on the small side. No more than 4" deep and well under 12" in length and width. I like to use exotic woods (zebra wood, leopardwood, bubinga, etc.), especially for the tops. I like to mix the wood species and contrast the colors, using one kind for the body and another for the top. I like to avoid hinges, if I can, opting instead for slide-tops or slab-tops. I'm attracted to 'flaws' in wood - spalting, burls, unusual marks or patterns, knots. I don't get too worked up about random dents or splits or imperfections - all of those things add character and ensure that every box is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Most of the time, I begin the build with only a vague notion of where it's going - I let the characteristics of the wood tell me what to do.

I use varying and random thicknesses of wood - as thick as 3/4" and as thin as 1/8". For joinery, I prefer either mitered joints or box joints, all reinforced with wood glue. I use a combination of power tools and hand tools. Every box is hand-rubbed with either tung or Danish oil, and sometimes final-finished with wipe-on polyurethane.

I Can't Keep All These Boxes...

...so I'm making them available to you. For now, I'm content to let the wood dictate what to make next. I'll make those creations available here, with the specific details listed for each box.  In the interest of time, I'm piggy-backing onto Winterwood Photography and using this site as my "shop". I'll keep adding boxes, as they are created, so keep checking back for new additions.

NOTE: I'm aware that this is a less-than-ideal selling platform, but this is where I'm starting from, while I get a feel for how best to streamline my process.

The boxes can be customized (I have a laser engraver) with names, dates, small graphics, quotes, etc.

**See the photos to the left (or above, on mobile) for examples of engraving**

(click photo to enlarge)

Handcrafted, personalized  boxes make perfectly unique and thoughtful gifts, for so many different occasions:

* Baby keepsake boxes

* Photo boxes (4x6, 5x7, 8x11 photos)

* Engagement/Wedding

* Mother's/Father's Day 

* Memorial boxes (loved ones, pets)

* Holidays

* Birthdays

* Housewarming

** NOTE: Sale of boxes will be suspended until after June 5th, 2021. I need to keep a good inventory on-hand for an upcoming art fair :)  **

If You'd Like to Purchase a Box

 For now, here's how it works:

* Each thumbnail below is a separate gallery, with multiple photos and listing details of one box. Click the picture to see the entire gallery for that particular box

* Click 'Contact' (at the top of the page) and tell me the name of the box you're interested in (gallery names = box names) and I'll confirm availability

* First-paid/first-served

* Accepted payment methods are  PayPal or Venmo only

* If engraving is desired, we'll discuss and finalize those details via email

* Boxes will be shipped 3-5 days after payment (shipping cost determined at time of sale)

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