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What I Do

While I specialize in weddings and family portraits, I've done a little bit of everything at this point - parties/events, maternity, newborns, boudoir, headshots (for social media or business use).  Whatever the purpose of your session with me, I have one simple goal - to create beautiful and unique images of you and your family.

The information below will help you to prepare for a session with Winterwood Photography.

What to Expect During the Session

I'm speaking mostly about family portrait sessions here.  For other types of sessions, I'll give you specific and detailed information, upon booking the session date.  My style is very casual and candid.  I'm  not a fan of "posed" photos, generally speaking.  When we meet for our session, my only direction to you will be to "just be you".  This makes it especially easy to capture beautiful and honest images of children.  No fake smiles, no "say cheese"...just you being you.  Please feel free to be silly, to play, to dance around - whatever it is that you usually do, when there are no cameras around.  If there are particular poses that you'd like to have captured, just let me know and we can work those into the session, too.

I will take an unlimited number of images.  Most of the time, you won't even be aware that the camera is clicking away!  I usually use what's referred to as a "long" lens - that means I can be quite a distance away, while retaining the ability to capture candid close-ups.  This makes the session far less intimidating for everyone!

What to Wear

The most important thing is to be comfortable and natural.  Neutral colors work best - khaki, off-white, earth tones.  Pure white is ok, but can be tough.  Colors are ok, too, as long as they aren't overly bright or "loud".  Try to avoid any clothing with logos or graphics, or very busy patterns.

If the whole family is going to be photographed together, they should all be dressed similarly.  I don't mean they have to be all "matchy-match" - but keeping colors and textures similar goes a long way in the finished product.  If you aren't sure what to wear, bring a few different options and I can help you to choose.

What I Will Deliver

As I said, I will take hundreds of shots during the session.  Afterwards, I will go through all of the images and select the very best ones for further processing.  Each selection will then be digitally enhanced/retouched, in order to provide you with 15-30 exceptional final images.  Those final images will then be put into a secure online gallery, approximately 2 weeks after the session (this is a rough guideline - depending on my schedule, they may be ready sooner or they may take a few days longer).

You can view the images online and order prints directly from the gallery.  And here's the best part - unlike many photographers/studios, there is no minimum print purchase requirement.  Order what you want, when you want.  You can share the link with family and friends and they, too, can order exactly what they want.  The gallery will remain active and available for six months from the date it's first posted.  As an alternative to ordering prints, you can also purchase a DVD of all final images, for an additional $100.

I shoot digitally and in color.  Some images, however, are much more memorable and artistically pleasing when rendered in black and white.  In those instances, a color version may not be made available.  I kindly ask that you respect my artistic vision in those instances.


Because every family is unique, and their needs can vary, it's difficult to establish set pricing.  Please contact me for detailed information, based on your specific needs.  To give you a general idea, a typical 1-2 hour shoot for a family of three starts at $250.  For pricing on other types of events (maternity, newborn, parties, boudoir), please contact me for more information.   

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